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Hydraulic Wheel Dolly   Some of today's larger corporate class business jets have wheel sizes 200 pounds and up.  Even a 100 pound wheel can present a challenge to lift and align.  Lower back injuries are all too common an occurrence in the aviation industry.   Existing wheel dolly products on the market are just as large and cumbersome as the task they are meant to make easier.  The Alberth Aviation Wheel Dolly solves both of  these issues.  The low profile allows easy positioning of the wheel while maintaining clearance for constrained space between the landing gear and the landing gear door.  The wheel can be positioned, the wheel dolly slid into place and the wheel effortlessly lifted to the correct height with a fine tuned hydraulic pump.  The wheel can then be rotated on the wheel dolly's adjustable  rollers for an exact alignment on the axle and brake keys. The wheel dolly helps prevent damage to new generation axles with expensive coatings. Now a two person job can easily be handled by one person.  Save time, save money, save your back.

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Hydraulic Wheel Dolly To demonstrate just how easy the Alberth Aviation Wheel Dolly is to operate, we recruited local 65 lb, 3rd grader, Macie to change a 190 lb G5 wheel. Any questions?
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Brake Attachment Used with the Alberth Aviation Hydraulic Wheel Dolly, this brake attachment makes handling awkward, heavy brakes easy. The Brake Attachment attaches to the Wheel Dolly to provide precise mounting of the brakes. The cushioned cradle provides a non-slip surface for protection against chipping of the brake pads and the safety strap securely binds the brake. The cradle also rotates on rollers to allow fine tuned adjustments during brake installation. Installation is as easy as locating one tie bolt and pivoting to a second tie bolts.

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Aviation Tire Inflation Cage   Although changing a tire is a common task in maintaining an aircraft, it can also be very dangerous. Each year, many people are injured or killed from over inflation accidents, costing many lives and millions of dollars in insurance claims. Alberth Aviation had several requests from customers to develop an aviation  tire cage for their employees’ safety. Responding to these requests, they searched for an existing tire cage. The primary tire cage available was designed decades ago for the trucking industry. This u-bent metal tubing “jail design” was extremely inadequate for the aviation industry, so they decided to develop their own. After four years of research and development, their testing discovered that an over inflation failure can produce shrapnel with a velocity greater than a .45 caliber handgun bullet. Exceeding OSHA 29 CFR 1910.177 and military requirements, Alberth Aviation has combined several innovative design ideas to produce a safe, easy-to-use, and affordable aviation tire cage. We are  the only company to bring such a needed product to market.
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Lavatory Service Cart   Alberth Aviation produces the smallest aviation  lavatory service cart for the corporate aircraft operator or low volume FBO. For cleaner use, the hoses are stored in sealed positions for positive drainage. The heavy duty steel frame is powder coated to prevent corrosion. It is also priced lower than its competitors.  The fill and waste tanks have a 16 gallon each capacity.  The fill pump delivers 1 gallon per 4 strokes.  The frame is designed to fit through a standard bathroom door for smaller facilities without a dedicated sewer dump station. This is the only lav cart with a siphon pump on the waste removal tank. One pump of the waste pump will completely drain the tank and without the splash effect of other designs.

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Potable Bottled Water Cart    Finally, an aviation potable water cart used to transfer bottled water directly to your aircraft. Your customers will know that they are getting sanitary drinking water with this cart. The use of the sealed bottles reduces the potential of water being tampered with or sabotaged providing customers with the best solution for quality water. There is no holding tank on the cart, and the  proprietary polyurethane suction cup is also dishwasher safe, making sanitizing the equipment a quick and simple task.  You would never dare drink from the tank of an old tank-style water cart, but drinking from this cart is no problem from a sealed sanitized fresh bottle of water. This cart holds four standard 5-gallon water bottles and transfers the water with an efficient 4 amp electric pump at 4.5 gpm. It also has an onboard long-life 12 volt battery and charger.  The oversized battery will  allow the cart to deliver over 1,000 gallons between charges. The pump features a pressure shut off switch and can pump up to 20 vertical feet.  This allows the fill hose to be taken into the cabin to fill onboard water tanks if necessary for your model aircraft. This cart may be ordered as a 4 bottle as shown or a stretch 6 bottle.

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Air Conditioning / Heating Carts Limited production air conditioning carts. These high quality carts are 4 ton commercial units fitted on a powder coated custom frame with large casters to allow easy maneuvering over hangar door tracks etc. Frame also has a foot brake to hold securely in place. A 60 gallon condensation tank with overfill safety switch allows hours of drip free operation so there are no messes to clean up. A 12" diameter heavy duty airline style vinyl duct has a compact storage compartment that allows neat and clean storage for the 25 foot long duct. Our air conditioning unit will lower the ambient temperature by 20 degrees, providing very adequate and quick hangar and ramp cooling for Global Express / GV size cabins and smaller. Reduce APU hours and fuel usage! Input voltages available are 208v, 230v, and 460v.

Portable Potable Bottled Water Case This unit is designed for aircraft operators that must take their own potable water to remote destinations. Operates on standard 110v current. Includes the same components of the WC-20 water cart assembled in a sturdy pelican case.

Custom Fabrication We are available for custom fabrication projects as well. Here are some recent projects. Pictured are a aircraft detailing cart with AC generator and a pressurized soap cart for aircraft cleaning.

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