Water Cart Quick List

Quick Reference Parts List

Battery Charger for Water Cart WC.C2
Flowmeter for Lav & Water Cart CM.LC.WC
Wheel for Lav & Water Cart CM.W2
Water Cup for Water Cart WC.E7
Pump Motor for Water Cart WC.C3
Quick Disconnect for Water Cart WC.F5.3
3/4″ Flex Hose for Water Cart WC.F1
Items below needed for the  
Water Cart Cup Core Assembly  
Water Cart Cup Core Assembly WC.ZZ.CP.CR
Water Cup Exchange* WC.ZZ.CP.EX
Cup Urethane Casting WC.E6
1/8″ Vent 1/8″ NPT Male, WC.E3.5
3/4″ Poly Straight Barb MPT WC.F2
3/4″ Poly  90 degree Barb MPT WC.F3
3/4″ ID FDA Hose WC.F1
Gap-Free Pinch Hose/Tube Clamp WC.F4
1-1/16″ to 1- 3/16″ Clamp WC.F4.1

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 Water Cart Parts

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